Do you ever wonder why your prayers seem to go unanswered? May I share some thoughts from Kim Butts blog with Harvest Prayer Ministries?

A most common reason is we have already determined what answer we want to hear or see is before we actually ask God. In other words, we make the decision about the answer rather than waiting on the answer God wishes to give.

We may ask God with wrong motives…usually because we selfishly want
something to benefit ourselves or those we know. Perhaps our prayer may be completely counter to God’s will and purposes. It is important for us to realize that every prayer we pray should bring honor and glory to God alone!

If we are intentionally living sinful lives, God is under no obligation to
answer our prayers (Psalm 66:18). We need to check our lives carefully. If there is sinfulness, we need to confess it before Him because He promises to forgive us (1 John 1:9)…opening the way to His response! This is the grace-filled life with God.

Sometimes we ask in a half-hearted way rather than praying with faith and
power, which can make our prayer ineffective and weak…much like a medical treatment that fails because it isn’t the correct treatment. A prayer of desperation cries out to God because He is the only place to go when we are in need.

Sometimes what we are asking infringes upon the needs of another
person, or pits us against them – even unintentionally. It’s like two parents on opposing sides rooting for the team their child plays for to win. This is asking God to take sides instead of asking for His best in a situation. God knows what we…and our children need even more than we do! He will help us to handle loss, pain and struggle when it comes, just as He will rejoice with us in celebration and victory.

We live in a fallen world where “bad things happen to good people.”
Recognizing that God, through His life in us, can take our pain, disappointments and roadblocks into His heart and give us comfort, reassurance and victory in the midst of difficulty and struggle will keep us filled with hope, peace and strength. He will sometimes allow the circumstances in our lives to lead us to something better even though we may not see it at the time.

Too many people blame God, and walk away from their faith because they feel their prayers were not heard, were not answered, or that their prayers were not answered as they expected…because they do not understand this truth about God… He wants to give us His very best. The ultimate victory is eternal life through Jesus Christ…forever…no matter what this life may bring.

If we are not careful, we can miss God’s answer when it comes. It is
important to be watchful in our waiting…and because the Father wants to give us His best to strengthen our walk with Him, we must be prepared to yield ourselves to His answers – even if they seem to go against what we think that answer should be. we will one day see how He answered every prayer we have ever prayed…even if the answer is counter to our expectations or desires. One day it will be amazing to see how God’s hand worked in our lives and situations for His glory!