A week of driving almost 40 hours with kids in the car was a memory jogger for me. I forgot how important it is to have planned activities for kids to participate in to keep fighting, arguing, and interruptions at bay. There is just so long the Alphabet Game, or I Spy (with my two little eyes) will last. I also naïvely thought that they would sleep or rest quietly (no way!).

But the topic most often repeated (over & over again) was “Are We there yet?” I must have easily replied to this question over 100 times. But a 4-year-old doesn’t really have much of a concept that Great Falls, Montana is still 680 miles away, and then we still have over 300 miles to the ranch. Come on, grandpa, can you get there soon? I’m tired! I’m bored! I’m hungry!

I guess I was reminded that we are all on a road trip called life. Often, we don’t have much of a perspective of how long, how far, or what experiences we will have along the way. Our impatience with God is often demonstrated with a four-year-old spiritual mentality which cries out: “Are we there, yet? Are we there, yet?

When we say to God, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? He still answers us, as he did on Palm Sunday, Hey! Look around! The sun is still rising, the lame are still being healed; the lost are still being saved. Enjoy the journey! When the car stops moving, we will be at our destination.

We forget, as Christians we have power, don’t we? As the old gospel song goes, “Power, Power, Wonder working Power!” We have the assurance that we can do our best at whatever it takes that God calls us to do and keep doing our best until He says, “We are there!” We’ve reached our destination! In the meanwhile, we just trust Him, and God unfolds his reasons and experiences along the way in His time – If we are meant to know them.

Often on our trip, I noticed if the kids focused on the time it was taking, the trip seemed to go slow. But when we focused on the scenery, or the animals, or other sights along the way, our trip seemed to go faster.

I can get through the bumps and potholes on the road to renewal in my spiritual walk with God if I just let go of the stopwatch. When I focus on why is God so slow, or things aren’t going the way I planned, I get stuck on the side of the road spiritually with a flat tire.

But if I can ride out the storms, the snow, the wind and trust the timing of God, I can recover from any unexpected event or challenge. God is the master of timing and if God directs our steps and we obey His Word, He will direct the finish and destination.

The Bible tells us that God is the author and the finisher of our faith (Heb. 12:2) God loves to finish what He starts; He doesn’t leave loose ends. He doesn’t leave us stranded on the side of the road.

We may feel the tyranny of time and wonder what is taking so long, but in the end, God always finishes the work He starts within us, all in His time. Philippians 1:6 is so encouraging when it does seem like we are making progress. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.