Events Happening This Week


LOV Bible Study The Commands of Christ by Tom Blackaby 9:30-11:30
Join us at Ruth’s 314 B C Ave for a time of study and prayer. Books available at the study for $9.00 Please see Nancy D if you have any questions.

Thursday Walk-in Prayer 1-5pm in Ruth’s home
314 S. BC Ave. Pray about anything on your heart! The door is open! If you are willing to be a part of passionate prayer for prodigals, please e-mail Ruth at You can call her at 354-2341.

Office Volunteer Needed Thursdays from 10:00-12:00
This person would print the bulletin and any inserts necessary and send out the v-news weekly. There would be a couple of other miscellaneous duties as well. If you are interested or have questions please contact Nancy Dupre 319-9326.



Saturday Morning: November 4th Prayer as a Priority!
We meet the first, third and fifth Sunday of every month at 7AM, here in the Ministry Center


Operation Christmas Child
Final collection of shoeboxes will be November 19th. To participate is simple. Find a shoebox, cardboard or plastic; and fill it with toys, hygiene items or school supplies. A card with information as well as boxes are at the white table under the bulletin board as you enter the hall. (New this year is the restriction of toothpaste and candy due to custom regulations). A $9.00 donation per shoebox is needed for shipping. More information and an opportunity to pay the shipping online can be found at You can also track where your boxes go by paying your shipping online.

Ministry Night 6:00-7:30.
Two Community Groups currently meet here at the ministry center every Sunday evening: Alpha, Doug T and Greg M) and Community: Starting Well (Emmet and Nancy ). Childcare is provided.


Youth Group 7:00-9:00
We have a joint High School and Middle School group that meets Monday nights at the Ministry Center. We share a time of joint worship, activity and teaching; followed by small groups, determined by age. Have questions? Call Pastor Will @ 360-223-8309


Tuesday Walk-in Prayer 1-5pm in Ruth’s home
314 S. BC Ave. Pray about anything on your heart! The door is open! If you are willing to be a part of passionate prayer for prodigals, please e-mail Ruth at You can call her at 354-2341.


Community Group-Hebrews 7:00 pm
Meets at 418 Cascade Way, Lynden and is led by Chad 360-656-6691.

Bulletin Deadline 2:00

Save the Dates for These Upcoming Events

LOV Coffee Saturday Oct 28 at 9:00
This is a time to meet some of the ladies who have started attending Victory in the last year; and, an opportunity for ladies who are new to be introduced to Women’s ministry teams; such as leadership and H2H (Heart to Heart) Partners. Come and enjoy getting to know one another over a hot cup of tea or coffee and a few refreshments.
Intercessory Prayer Team
This ministry is ongoing and can be joined at any time by contacting Tina at or Nancy at Satan doesn’t fear our prayers but he DOES fear Christ to Whom we offer our prayers because he knows our Savior hears and answers. Prayer is our greatest weapon against him and evil and he works hard to prevent us from praying. Become a Prayer “Seal” Frontline Warrior of God by uniting with others whose desire is to see God’s Spirit move in our church family, our homes, our community and our nation. No meetings to attend. Pick up a flyer for details along with examples of prayers to pray for one another AND our Pastors, Leaders and Staff. Tee-shirts (Prayer “Seal” uniforms) are also available that proclaim we are people of the Word, of Prayer and Frontline Warriors in God’s Army!

Prayer Requests, as well as updates and praises can be sent to

Community Group Questions

We have met the Enemy, and He is Us! Romans 7:13-25
1. Share something that no one knows about you.
2. Would you share something above that would expose some of your greatest faults? Why or Why not?
3. Why do Christians struggle to live up to what you know you ought to be? Vs. 15-17
4. What is so significant about the first phrase in Vs. 15?
5. How do these verses speak to our human condition?
6. Why do Christians struggle to come to grips with repeated personal failure? Vs 18-20
7. Why do we become more conscience of our sin as we grow closer to God?
8. Share a few Bible verses that state our sinful condition and what to do about it.
9. Why do Christians face an intense struggle to admit the true nature of the war within us? 21-24
10. Why did Pastor say following Jesus is not for Wimps!?
11. Why does admitting and confession our sin actually give us freedom to live a life of victory? Vs 24-25
12. Give 3 steps from Vs. 24-25 that will help you in your struggle with sin.
13. Why does honest self-assessment need to take place for spiritual growth?
14. What is the relationship between Honesty and Humility (Vs. 24)
15. There are only 3 things you can do with your sin. What are they?
16. What does Complete Dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ look like in your life? What is the key component? Vs. 25
17. What is God’s purpose for you in this life as you struggle against sin?

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