Last week, I received a couple of emails of encouragement from members who were challenged by the New Year’s message on Jan. 1 2017. If you missed it, you can access it at or  I’d like to share some of their thoughts with you this week.

“I love the passage that you preached from last Sunday, Psalm 1. I’ve thought before, about how David or the psalmists would express such love for the law. Nowadays, it would be a rare person who could have a lot of passion for any law. Except maybe a lawyer!”

“In fact, we sometimes skip past Leviticus when we’re reading the first 5 books of the OT. And who could love a “rule book” anyway? But somehow David did love it. And I narrowed it down to the reason being, that obedience to the law resulted in life – a blessed life.”

“For us in the 21st century, where most of us like to buck rules, it might not be so easy to relate to loving the law. The Word – yes, maybe. But one reason I think it can be difficult to be consistent in reading God’s word is because we’re missing the love or heart, like David had, for even that.”

“After Sunday’s sermon, I thought more about these things. And I think the heart for the Word ties in with a heart for Jesus, who was the living Word. If we’re just trying to get ourselves into the written word, and our love for Jesus is waning, it might be difficult to delight in the written word (and the law).”

“And Jesus was all about being doers of the word, not hearers only; and big on obedience to God; not hypocritical; having a pure inside, not focusing on the outside; etc. I think it really comes down to having a deep love for Jesus and desire to please Him, which is in our hearts and permeates through our decisions and actions. When that’s there, then we’ll probably have more desire for the written word”.

“I see from the V-News that your sermon this week is about a lot of this … being a disciple and pursuing, following, obeying and loving Jesus. So, it’s a great follow-up, and I’m looking forward to it. In a nutshell, I think that heeding this Sunday’s sermon will help us accomplish last week’s challenge.”

And this comment again from last week’s sermon:

“You really struck a chord within my heart about my “love” and “delight” for the Word. While I have struggled at times with a rebellious heart and not picked up a Bible in months, your illustration of the tree roots that were woven together allowing trees in a forest to hang together through the storms is exactly my experience of the love and support I have experienced through Victory Cristian Fellowship. It has renewed my interest to be faithful to reading the Word, as you said, is also the name of Jesus. Thanks for your powerful message of blessing and hope!”