From the Lead Pastors Desk

This week we pause to remember Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, the closest Sunday to the anniversary of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling of the Supreme Court legalizing abortion.

Should churches observe Sanctity of Life Sunday? It is a legitimate and important question. We have just celebrated Christmas — and while the appropriateness of celebrating the Incarnation can be argued as should not only be celebrated at Christmas, it seems wise to remember the incarnation all year long.

While the choice of December 25 as the anniversary of Jesus’ birth is rather dubious, we do know with certainty what happened on January 22, 1973. On that day, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case Roe v. Wade. The nine men determined that every state had the duty to give women unfettered access to abortion up until the birth of the child.

Since that time conservative statistics now show approaching 60,000,000 babies in the USA have been murdered in the womb with the full protection of the state and the knowledge of the church.

Abortion in America is, in the judgment of many historians, the greatest evil in our history. The American holocaust dwarves the evil of Nazi Germany in both numbers of the dead, and the numbers of we who know what is happening.

On the other hand, Sanctity of Life Sunday is as fitting, sensible, and as reasonable as observing the Incarnation at Christmas. Just as we must share the glory of the incarnation, sometime, if not in December, so we must share the horror of this evil sometime, if not in January.

To be silent is to be complicit. It is to tell our children and grandchildren that we are as guilty as those Germans who knew and were silent. Of course, our churches are filled with the guilty. The same is true of every sin. Of course, the grace of God in Christ trumps even this great evil. His grace overwhelms all of us, including those who have had an abortion. We welcome you among the rest of us sinners.

But the same Jesus who died for our sins also calls on us to suffer not the children to come to Him. When we are silent, when we treat abortion as a mere social problem, a mere political issue, we expose our complicity.

So, I remind each of us to proclaim not the sanctity of life, but the holiness of God, whose image the least of these Jesus says, are created. Share the same good news that Jesus shared, that the captive are to be set free, that those marching toward death are to be rescued.

By proclaiming the truth, and by taking the heat, Jesus says such will make you blessed. Walk by faith, and share your life with others by faith, and be diligent to stand up for the unborn, remembering the grace of God, you who are living have received.